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Class action

Missions / Expertise

Combining non-profit organizations from the fields of social and community reintegration of adult offenders and crime prevention, the ASRSQ’s mission is to raise awareness and promote citizen participation for crime prevention and social and community reintegration. This notable competence is the reason why the expertise and prerogatives of the association have expanded with the recent attribution of the status of administrator of the class action in relation with certain illegal strip searches conducted in many detention facilities of the province of Quebec.

The ASRSQ is the first non-profit organization to be named administrator of such a large class action. This new status prefigures the important objectives of the ASRSQ in this class action, but mostly illustrates the great responsibilities entrusted to the association. These responsibilities once more shine a light on the values that have defined our organization for many years: promote equity, reintegration and justice for absolutely all justiciable individuals, regardless of their situation and social status.

Notice of judgment

A settlement agreement between the Attorney General of Quebec and the representative of the class action that challenged the legality of strip searches conducted after a release order was approved by the Superior Court.

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Instructions to fill out the claim form

Please read these instructions PRIOR to filling out the form.

Members of the group:

We remind you that this class action is only targeting persons who were strip-searched:

  1. between July 13, 2006, and July 1, 2011;
  2. in one of the following facilities: Bordeaux, Rivière-des-Prairies, Roberval, Saint-Jérôme or Quebec City (male sector);
  3. while they were released under a court order;
  4. that all conditions to their release were duly met at the time of the strip search.

Are therefore not eligible the strip searches that:

  • were not subsequent to a release order;
  • were conducted notably by the police;
  • were conducted while the release conditions were not yet met.

You can claim for one strip search per day, even if many release orders were delivered on the same fay. Fill out one form for each strip search.


You must submit a claim to the Administrator BEFORE JANUARY 16, 2022.


The court named the Association des services de réhabilitation sociale du Québec to manage the claim process.

You must fill out one form per person.

You must declare that all the information provided in the claim form are true and exact, under penalty of perjury.

If you need help filling out this claim form, contact the Claims Administrator.


Do not fill out the form numerous times. If you are not sure that the form was submitted, please write us an email to

Indemnity payment:

The amount of the indemnity you will receive depends on the number of eligible strip searches you have been subjected to and on the number of persons who will submit an eligible claim.

Your indemnity will be paid by cheque through the mail. You therefore must notify the Administrator of any address changes.

For now, we cannot estimate when the indemnity will be paid out. Visit the administrator's website to follow the development of this affair:

Fill out the form

By filling in this form you will give us all the information we need to get you a based on your situation and your preferences. Fill in every section of this form except where it says not to. Make sure you follow all the instructions.