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Addiction Outreach Program

Serving the community for over 20 years, Addiction Outreach Program (AOP) is a private, non-profit organization which provides therapeutic and practical services to people struggling with drug, alcohol and gambling problems. The services are aimed at individuals who have chosen, of their own free will, to ask for help and support in their personal efforts. Even though these people are often successful (or were successful) and highly intelligent, they are unable to stop their destructive lifestyles.

AOP offers a dynamic intervention that takes into account the needs and reality of this type of person, by offering intensive outpatient therapy lasting 3 to 6 months, followed by gradual social reintegration.

Our Services

  • Addiction Outreach Program


    Our professional services are both multiple and varied, in order to meet the specific needs of each :

    • Prevention and education component
    • Evaluation and psychosocial follow-up
    • Individual, group or family therapy
    • Case management
    • Workshops: relapse prevention, anger management, self-esteem, etc.
    • Legal, administrative, employment or study assistance, accommodation, etc.
    • Other more specialized services are also offered on request


    Men and women aged 15 and over

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