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Alter Justice

Alter Justice is a non-profit organization that offers various intervention, information and support programs for people affected by judicialization and detention in a Quebec correctional facility (sentence of two years less a day ).

The organization works mainly with people in the criminal justice system and their families in order to offer them popularized information on the functioning of the Quebec correctional system, on the rights and obligations in prison, the criminal record and the request for pardon.The organization also aims to promote the social reintegration of people in the criminal justice system by supporting them in their procedures relating to the request for rehabilitation.

Our Services

  • Alter Justice

    Main Objectives

    • Main objectives To provide intervention, information and other support programs for people affected by detention and legal proceedings.
    • Provide information on the rights, obligations and remedies of incarcerated or court-ordered people in order to promote respect for their rights.
    • Promote access to laws, regulations and policies concerning people incarcerated in a correctional institution in Quebec.
    • Lead, collaborate or encourage initiatives aimed at crime prevention, alternatives to judicialization or substitutes for custodial sanctions, improvement of conditions of detention or social reintegration.
    • Inform and raise awareness of the population on issues related to crime, judicialization, incarceration or social reintegration.
    • Conduct, collaborate or encourage research on any subject related to crime, judicialization, incarceration or social reintegration and promote access to it.

    Alter Justice offers a telephone information service for anyone who wants information about the Quebec correctional system, criminal records or pardon applications.


    • Advocacy intervention
    • Group animation
    • Awareness among the population
    • Research


    • Telephone information service (defense of rights)
    • Help and support for the pardon request
    • Group meetings in prisons
    • Information workshops on the prison environment, criminal records and pardon request
    • Awareness-raising activities on issues related to criminality, prosecution or incarceration
    • Representation of the prison population to various bodies
    • Development of files or research in defense of rights


    • Quebec prison population (women and men) (sentences of two years less a day)
    • Judicialized person
    • Families and relatives of people in court

    Additional information

    • Alter Justice has more expertise in prison law at the level of prison establishments under provincial jurisdiction (sentences of two years less a day).
    • Alter Justice accepts the costs of appeals from the prison population. Inmates should contact us at 418 522-4343.
    • It is possible to become a member of the organization at a minimal cost of $ 10.00 per year (individual rate), $ 15.00 per year (corporate rate) or $ 20.00 per year for the AJ Bulletin subscription only. Membership includes the AJ Bulletin, invitations to special events and general meetings."

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