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Anti-Pauvreté Mauricie Centre-du-Québec (AMPCQ)

Anti-Pauvreté Mauricie Centre-du-Québec was founded in 1977 to fight poverty and criminality of all types. The APMCQ also supports individuals with social and economic issues, raises awareness and involves the population on the philosophy of sharing and cooperation within the community, and in humanizing justice.

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    • Work options program in penal justice (adult)
    • Work options program in criminal justice (adult)
    • Mediation training
    • Assistance to host organizations for work options programs 


    • Recovery and repair of bicycles and sports equipment
    • Distribution of bicycles and sports equipment to low-income individuals
    • Management of the work options program
    • Facilitate the care, accountability and social involvement of our clientele
    • Referral of our clientele to organizations of the community network
    • Raising awareness in the community through donations of bicycles and sports equipment (philosophy of sharing and cooperation)
    • Projects in development


    • Low-income individuals
    • Adult offenders
    • Non-profit organizations

    Opening hours

    Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 am to 4 pm (closed from noon to 1 pm)

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