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Centre de bénévolat de Laval

Centre de bénévolat Laval’s mission is to develop, support and promote volunteer work and social assistance on the Laval territory, throughout the different fields of human activity.

Services provided

  • Centre de bénévolat Laval


    • Food aid services, Christmas baskets
    • Services for volunteers
    • Services for organizations
    • Home care services
    • Young volunteers network
    • Communications and promotion service
    • Compensation work program


    • Adult offenders, violators
    • Elderly individuals suffering from loss of autonomy
    • Community organizations
    • The population in general

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4:30 pm

    Contact information

  • Compensation Work Program

    The Compensatory Work program provides adult citizens who are unable to pay a fine the opportunity to perform work for the benefit of a community non-profit, para municipal or para-governmental organization.


    • Provide participants with the opportunity, via unpaid work, to pay their debt to society.
    • Provide host organizations with a positive source of work force able to accomplish different types of work.
    • Assist citizens in need by helping them through their journey.


    Adult offenders who are unable to pay a fine after an infraction, mostly to the Highway Safety Code. However, since April 1999, article 736 was added.

    Admission requirements

    Being referred by fine collectors.

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