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Centre de services de justice réparatrice (CSJR)

The Centre de justice réparatrice (CSJR) creates spaces for expression, listening and sharing between people and / or groups who have been affected by situations of abuse and violence, whether judicial or non-judicial.

To do so,

It supports groups and people who have suffered or committed crimes of the same nature as well as members of the community who wish to engage in a process of restorative justice based on encounter and dialogue.

It supports people who have suffered abuse and individual or collective violence in their need to express themselves, to be recognized and repaired; as well as the authors in their process of accountability and redress.

It sensitizes the community, offers training and encourages its participation in restorative justice, with the aim of social peace.

Our Services

  • CSJR


    The CSJR organizes restorative justice meetings in penitentiary and / or community settings. The meetings bring together people who have suffered or committed unrelated crimes, that is to say of the same nature but not linked to the same event. It is therefore about dialogue and not about mediation.

    Three types of participants are invited to restorative justice meetings:

    • people who have been victims of crime,
    • people who have committed criminal acts,
    • community members.

    These meetings aim to create a dialogue.


    In addition to restorative justice meetings, three types of workshops are offered in penitentiaries:

    • Groupe VASE (living after sexual assault in childhood). Intended for people in the criminal justice system who were victims of sexual assault in their childhood.
    • On the way to repair. Intended for people with criminal justice wishing to move towards greater responsibility and engage in reparation.
    • Constructive communication and restorative justice. A series of workshops for federally or provincially incarcerated women. Offered by the CSJR in collaboration with the Marie Gérin Lajoie training center.

    Conditions of admission

    People who engage in a restorative justice process do so on a voluntary basis, after having started a personal journey towards greater accountability. A reference and a guarantee of support is desired.

    Exclusion criteria

    Non recognition of its responsibility.

    Unstable psychiatric cases.

    Business hours

    Monday to Thursday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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