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La Jonction - CESBF

The CESBF offers specialized assistance services promoting integration, integration into employment and training, according to the needs of adult court cases through La Jonction.

Our Services

  • La Jonction

    Reception and Evaluation

    • Assessment of hiring potential and the impact of the person's criminal record
    • Determination of needs and development of an individualized intervention plan

    Preparation and Assistance in Active Job Search

    • Self-knowledge (interests, skills, aptitudes, etc.)
    • Determination of a realistic trade or profession choice according to the criminal record
    • Orientation process as needed
    • Validation of professional choice if necessary
    • Use of psychometric tests as needed
    • Employment counseling, assistance and supervision during the process
    • Job search techniques (individually or in groups)
    • Exploration and observation internship
    • Drafting of C.V. (adapted to legal reality)
    • Preparation for the job interview and the famous question: do you have a criminal record?
    • Job search room (counselor in attendance, lists of employers, job board, internet access, fax, etc.)
    • Information on the labor market in relation to the impact of the criminal record by field, by job and by certain companies

    Integration and Maintenance of Employment

    • Stowage with employers
    • Use of Emploi-Québec labor market integration measures, if necessary
    • Employment follow-up and support, as needed

    Return and Stay in School

    • Educational and professional information for a return to school
    • Assistance in applying for loans and bursaries or for financing from Emploi-Québec
    • Follow-up and support for studies, according to your needs.

    Additional Services

    • Referral to other services according to the person's needs
    • Information and help in requesting a pardon

    Contact information