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Centre d’intervention en violence et agressions sexuelles de l’Estrie (CIVAS)

This program serves clients who have committed, or are at risk of committing, delinquent acts of a sexual nature. It combines the individual intervention (1h / week), with the group intervention (3h / week). The organization aims, first and foremost, at the protection of society and, subsequently, at social reintegration.

Our Services

  • CIVAS Estrie


    Through structured therapeutic activities, the participant will acquire knowledge about his sexual dynamics and he will learn to meet his needs by adopting new non-deviant behaviors. These meetings take place over a period of 18 months.


    • Group therapy
    • Individual therapy
    • Specialized sex offender assessment


    • Adults (men, women), whether or not they have been tried, from federal or provincial origin
    • Young offenders referred by the Estrie youth center

    Exclusion criterias

    • Anyone struggling with a psychiatric problem
    • Perpetrators of serious sexual assault (sadism, murder)

    Additional information

    Therapy fees are variable, depending on the participant's income.

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