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Cercles de Soutien et de Responsabilité du Québec (CSRQ)

Les Cercles de soutien et de responsabilité is a program that is a practical application of the values of restorative justice. It consists of a variety of services that aim to meet the needs of individuals incarcerated for sexual offenses, called core members, who are at high risk of reoffending and are at the end of their sentence. Emphasis is placed on the reintegration of these people, the needs and concerns of the victims and the safety of the population.

Our Services

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    Objective of the Program

    The goal of the CSRQ program is to create a community of belonging for core members who find themselves isolated due to their past actions and thereby decrease the number of victims of sexual assault.

    General Objectives

    • Support with a group of three to four volunteers, a sex offender who asks for help so as not to reoffend.
    • Walk with this person in his efforts to reintegrate into society and thus become a responsible and productive citizen.
    • Work with corrections and police to create a safer community.
    • Inform the media that this program exists and make them aware of its contribution to society and to the people they support.


    Those who have been incarcerated for sexual assault, both at the federal and provincial level, considered to be at high risk of reoffending and who are on parole or statutory release and end of warrant.

    Our approach

    A team of volunteers, under the supervision of the staff, creates a friendly bond with the core member who wishes to rebuild his life and no longer create additional victims. In doing so, they help him become a responsible person and help him realize the damage caused by his past. As the volunteers share the challenges in their own lives and, when they listen to the ex-offender, they help recreate a small community where the primary member feels accepted and develops a sense of belonging while being aware of his past infractions.

    Program duration

    The engagement program is for one year, but can be renewed each year as long as the base member feels the need.

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