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CHC Maison Belfield

Jewish non-profit organization whose mandate is to help inmates of all backgrounds, cultures and religions to reintegrate into their respective communities as well as into society.

Our Services

  • CHC Maison Belfield


    Social integration or reintegration service, for men who have come into conflict with the law at some point in their life.


    Man aged 18 and over, having experienced conflict with the law at some point in their life, seeking to build a productive, stable life with prosocial values.


    Up to 8 residents, including 6 from federal penitentiary systems.

    Admission Conditions

    Maison Belfield can provide adequate services to individuals who:

    1. Are male and 18 years old and over;

    2. Are willing to refrain from illegal or criminal practices, the use of drugs, alcohol and gambling;

    3. Can recognize problems associated with their presence;

    4. Are determined to invest time and effort in their problem;

    5. Want to accept a structure of life;

    6. Are willing to live in a community environment;

    7. Have the ability to integrate into society (work, study, volunteering, etc.);

    8. Have the ability to stay sober in society;

    9. Must be able to communicate in English or French.

    Exclusion criteria

    Maison Belfield cannot provide adequate services to individuals who:

    1. Have intensive or extensive medical, psychological or psychiatric needs;

    2. Have an unstable or untreated medical, psychological or psychiatric condition;

    3. Have committed sexual offenses;

    4. Have committed hate crimes;

    5. Have limited or reduced mobility;

    6. Have had an unsuccessful experience at Maison Belfield.

    Additional Information

    Any request for admission to the federal prison system is made by requesting a community inquiry to the Ville Marie office.

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