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Corporation Jean-Paul Morin

The Jean-Paul Morin Corporation is a non-profit organization founded in October 2000 which works in social reintegration with inmates under federal jurisdiction as well as with their relatives. Our goals are to:

  • Sponsor detainees, ex-detainees and their relatives;
  • Sensitize the population to welcoming the marginalized;
  • Promote restorative justice.

The mission of the Jean-Paul Morin Corporation is to create the space to re-establish human, social and spiritual links where there have been offenses and offenses. This mission is embodied in a community based on the respect and dignity of each person, especially the injured person. This reestablishment of links requires the will to look at one's own mistakes and the deep desire to heal / think society.

Our Services

  • Corporation Jean-Paul Morin


    The Jean-Paul Morin Corporation offers the following services:

    • Restorative Justice “Rainbow” Program: Education and empowerment project on the negative consequences of crime and incarceration, for inmates.
    • "Le Tremplin" Program: Restorative justice program focusing on resilience for indirect victims of crime; relatives of the detainee.
    • “Offshore” program: Workshops on forgiveness.
    • “The Lighthouse” program: Workshops on emotional relationships.
    • Diorao: Exchange and sharing group between inmates, ex-prisoners and committed volunteers.
    • Circles of Support and Accountability: Circles of support for high-risk sex offenders who are at the end of their term.

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    In a humanist and inclusive approach taking into account all the dimensions of the person in his environment, we want:

    • Work to restore the social fabric in a non-violent, friendly, secure approach, in the spirit of restorative justice;
    • Prevent recurrence.

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