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Corporation Maison Cross Roads

The Maison Cross Roads is in charge of the halfway house (CRC) Maison St-Léonard, the Service Oxygène and its Satellite Apartments—Résidence Leo’s Boys and Maison Jacqueline Verrette.

Our points of service

  • Maison St-Léonard CRC

    Incorporated in 1986, the halfway house St-Léonard provides a structured release program for inmates transferred from federal penitentiaries. Staff at Maison St-Léonard offer a humanistic and individualized approach to social reintegration to its residents. In addition, services are available in English and in French, which makes this resource unique in the community.

    The CRC’s clientele is composed at 40% of francophones and 60% anglophones. It developed an expertise on the needs of the multiethnic population and is one of the rare resources to provide access to a clientele with mobility issues (access ramp, elevators and accessible rooms). The CRC also welcomes individuals on unescorted temporary absence (UTA).

    It is important to note that the Maison Cross Roads Corporation provides a range of services reinforcing the work of the clinical staff of the Maison St-Léonard CRC, such as the Service Oxygène and its Satellite Apartments.

    The Maison St-Léonard CRC provides direct and specialized supervision services for a clientele of offenders assigned a residency condition upon their statutory release.


    • Individual assessment of social reintegration needs
    • Individual intervention specifically adapted to meet these needs
    • Referrals to community resources and agencies
    • 24 single occupancy rooms
    • Wheelchair accessibility
    • Meals and lodging


    Male inmates referred by Correctional Service Canada on different types of releases.


    30 places

    Admission requirements

    If you would like to apply for admission to Maison St-Léonard, you must inform your IPO/CPO who will forward a community assessment to our residential facility. The candidate under federal jurisdiction is referred by a CLO after a Community Assessment. The Bureau Ville-Marie of the CSC is the contact by phone (514 283-1210).

    Exclusion criteria

    • Individuals with a record of repeat sex offences and sexual predators
    • Individuals who require intensive psychiatric care
    • Individuals who have an on-going, uncontrolled drug/alcohol problem
    • Individuals who are known informants
    • Individuals facing a deportation/expulsion order

    Additional information

    Accreditation: CSC—DGSC

    Contact information

  • Service Oxygène

    Respectful of everyone’s right tot live in dignity, Service Oxygène provides support to elderly inmates (50 plus) incarcerated in federal prisons, or ex-inmates released in the community.

    Service Oxygène motivates the elderly (50 plus) inmates and ex-inmates to actively take part in the management of their reintegration into the community by orienting them towards the services and programs available in the community.

    It maintains ongoing liaison with the case management officers (in the institutions and in the community) and keeps abreast of Correctional Service Canada (CSC) and the National Parole Board (NPB) policies.

    It assists each individual in preparing for the next stage of their lives: cascading, parole, self-reliance in the community, transferring to new resources, etc.


    • Placement
    • Community support
    • Guidance and mentoring
    • Referral services
    • Public education


    Inmates or ex-inmates on parole (50 years or older) from the Correctional Service Canada network.

    Admission requirements

    Show desire to progress with the workers.

    Additional information

    Accreditation: service contract with the CSC

    Contact information

  • The Service Oxygène’s Satellite Apartments

    Service Oxygène’s Satellite Apartments—Résidence Leo’s Boys and Maison Jacqueline Verrette—are rooming house type facilities designed for elderly (50 years and over) parolees who still are, or were, under the responsibility of the CSC.

    This service is meant for elderly parolees with good autonomy who served a long sentence. They usually experience difficulties as a result of their long-term incarceration. Their legal representation under Correctional Service Canada (CSC) or the National Parole Board (NPB) is coming to an end (statutory release or full parole).


    Elderly parolees with good autonomy. Individuals referred by the CSC.

    Admission requirements

    A family atmosphere is at the heart of this resource to allow the residents to enjoy the highest freedom of action possible. Trust and respect amongst residents are the founding values of Résidence Leo’s Boys and Maison Jacqueline Verrette. An admission committee is set up to review each admission request.

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