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CRC d'Abitibi-Témiscamingue et du Nord du Québec

Founded in August 1979, the CRCATNQ is a residential centre which mission is to support the social reintegration of individuals in conflict with the law by raising awareness of reality and by helping them find means to support their needs. 

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    The CRCATNQ program is built on a multidisciplinary approach.


    • Lodging
    • Individual mentoring specific to the client’s issue
    • «Le sentier» program
    • Employment, through the CRCATNQ’s workshops
    • Violence of all types awareness program
    • Relapse prevention program for individuals in conflict with the law suffering from a drug addiction
    • Social skills development program
    • Father-child program
    • Community monitoring
    • Guidance program for Inuit or Cree individuals released from Court or at the end of their sentence
    • Intervention program for violent spouses (offered by the SATAS)


    Men of 18 years or older. Provincial and federal inmates, on probation, suspended sentence or for assistance. We welcome drug addicts, indigenous and allochthonous people, francophone or anglophone.


    30 places, including four places in monitored apartments.

    Admission requirements

    There is no time limit on the stay, but we reserve the right to refuse a client: confirmed disorders (psychotic, neurotic, psychopath, pyromaniac), candidates who cannot or will not comply with the program, chronic alcoholics, chronic drug addicts and dangerous criminals.

    Additional information

    Service contract with the DGSCQ and Correctional Service Canada. The CRCATNQ accepts candidates referred by the court, under a suspended sentence.

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