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The CRCs of the Outaouais

The CRCs of the Outaouais is a private non-profit corporation that manages two community-based residential centres. Its mission is to support adults who were in conflict with the law to facilitate their social reintegration and foster their well-being. The corporation was launched in 1970 under the name Agence sociale spécialisée de l’Outaouais by individuals willing to provide help to people who were in conflict with the law, and by ex-inmates who wanted to take their lives in their own hands. It is managed by a board of directors composed of ten volunteers from the community.

Our services

  • CRCs of the Outaouais (CRCO)


    To reach our objectives and realize our mission, our intervention is based on a humanist philosophy focused on the offender and is delivered through support, guidance and counselling in a structured and healthy environment. Our intervention program is also anchored on the belief in the capacity for change within the offender, as well as our own confidence in our ability to give them the tools for a successful reintegration to society.

    Admission requirements

    All persons wishing to reside at our CRC must demonstrate a willingness to make appropriate changes towards social reintegration. The services of our corporation are available to the individuals who are able to meet the following criteria:

    • An adult offender, serving a term of incarceration, on probation, on a conditional sentence order, on full or day parole, on a UTA, on statutory release or as a voluntary client.
    • An individual who demonstrates a willingness to seek help, guidance and the means to better reintegrate society.
    • An individual who accepts responsibility for his criminal behaviour(s) and who has begun some soul searching.
    • An individual who requires and accepts a structured setting offered by the CRC.
    • An individual who wants to actively participate in programs.
    • An individual who is willing and able to seek and maintain employment.
    • An individual who wishes to live a pro-social lifestyle and who accepts the rules and regulations of the CRC.
    • An individual who considers his residency or stay at the CRC as a privilege.

    Anyone wishing to get information on our residential centres and/or our programs can, by phone, email or mail, contact us for more details. The information will then be provided to them and, if possible, a meeting will be set up. An admission request to the CRC can be sent by anyone interested and able to receive the provided services.

    Exclusion criteria

    • Unresolved sexual issues that pose an undue risk to the community
    • Significant physical disability
    • Health problems requiring specialized and/or constant intervention
    • Intellectual disability and psychiatric cases


    Our services are designed for an adult clientele under one of the following statuses :

    • Probation order
    • Conditional sentence order
    • Parole certificate (federal and provincial)
    • Temporary absence
    • Day parole
    • Statutory release (assignation and voluntary)


    Our residential centre can welcome up to 35 individuals for a stay that varies in length, from a few days to several months.

    Contact information

  • Attitudes, Associates and Alternatives

    This program aims to develop social skills that facilitate social reintegration by discussing different themes, such as communication, stress management, intimacy and respect and problem resolution.

    This program is entirely geared towards social reintegration and prepares the client to better reintegrate society. In order to successfully complete this program, the counsellors will assess the following: the resident’s level of participation, his commitment, his attitude, his level of comprehension and motivation to change within a group setting and individually. This program is considered quite innovative in nature as it takes into account current events and educational material while encouraging an open mind by all participants.

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  • Recreational / Leisure Program

    The CRC offers various types of recreational / leisure activities. These activities have the following goals :

    • Widen your horizons by exploring various tourist attractions of our region;
    • Developing healthier habits through physical or sport activities;
    • Discovering new cultural diversities and technological progress;
    • Participating in special events depicting our the characteristics of our region;
    • Forming new friendships and a sense of belonging between residents;
    • Encouraging exchanges with members of the community.

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  • Violence Program

    This program identifies the various forms of violence such as jealousy, intimidation, manipulation, control, harassment, denigration, blackmail and anger.

    The participant will be better equipped to manage his emotions that led to violent acts and identify the impact of this violence on his daily activities.

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  • Community monitoring

    Our Mandate

    • Accompaniment and supervision of the referred client.
    • Offer and bestow reintegration services that meet the needs of the client.
    • Incite and support the implication of the reintegration of offender into his community.
    • Ensure the supervision of the client according to rules and policies of the Directorate of Québec’s Correctional Services.
    • Notify the community relations officer of the client’s progress and to report any violation or any situation or event that might lead to the modification of the said release conditions.
    • Generate case management reports.
    • Administer legal measures in case of breaches or violations.
    • Testify, at the request of the Courts or the Québec’s Parole Board.

    Our agency participates in the community supervision program for provincial offenders. The interventions and the supervision are determined in relation to projected case plan as well as to the individual reintegration needs of each individual.

    Our program is geared for offenders serving the following types of sentences:

    • Probation order;
    • Conditional sentence order;
    • Full Parole certificate;
    • Temporary Absences for Full Parole Release.


    • Budget workshop offered by l’Action Communautaire et d’Économie Familiale de Hull
    • Life Skills workshop
    • Substance abuse workshop offered by CIPTO
    • Family violence workshop
    • Sexual abuse workshop
    • Suicide prevention workshop
    • Pardon workshop
    • Gambling workshop
    • Workshop for families of an offender

    Contact information


      575, boulevard Gréber,

      Gatineau (Qc) J8T 8G2

      T. 819 777-5844, F.819 777-9710


      116, rue King, local A,

      Maniwaki (Qc) J9E 2L3

      T. 819 306-1130, F. 819 306-1148


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