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CRC Curé-Labelle inc.

Created from the will of citizens, the Curé-Labelle CRC’s sole mission is to provide support to adults who are, or were, in conflict with the law, by promoting and facilitating their social reintegration. The Curé-Labelle CRC Inc. was founded in April 1993 and, since December 2015, settled down in new air conditioned installations designed from the needs of its clientele. Moreover, 40 parking spots are available.

Our services

  • Curé-Labelle CRC

    The Curé-Labelle CRC’s intervention practices come from a humanist perspective and are focused on the offender. The team provides support, help and advice in a structured environment. Our belief in the offender’s ability for change and in our ability to help them properly reintegrate society is ubiquitous.

    The Centre offers the following programs:

    • Relapse prevention
    • Sensibilisation de la gestion de l’agressivité (PSGA)
    • AA/NA meetings
    • Themed group discussions
    • Employment integration services

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  • Lodging service

    • Ongoing mentoring
    • Rehabilitation and leisure activities
    • Individual clinical monitoring
    • Schedule planning
    • Cafeteria service


    40 places (Federal: 20/Provincial: 20)

    Maximum physical capacity

    46 places (beds), including 2 for individuals with impaired mobility


    Services are provided to any adult man, regardless of their origin, as long as they comply with the admission requirements.

    Admission requirements

    Any adult man under active correctional measures (federal or provincial) in need of lodging and whose submission was assessed and accepted by the CRC.

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  • Community supervision service

    • Periodical meetings
    • Environment meetings
    • Individual clinical monitoring
    • Guidance through procedures


    482 clients (provincial only)


    Services are provided to any adult, regardless of their origin, as long as they comply with the monitoring requirements.

    Monitoring requirements

    Any adult under active correctional measures (provincial) in need of monitoring in the community.

    Additional information

    Service contracts with the DGSC and the CSC.

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