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ÉQUITEM (Employability intervention and factory-schools)

Équitem is an essential resource for the social and professional inclusion of a clientele in the legal system and / or far from the labor market through a help, support, training and job maintenance service.

In addition, Equitem offers support to participants and the development of their personal skills in an environment similar to that of the manufacturing industry while generating enough independent income to reinvest in the social mission.

Our Services

  • Employability intervention

    Support in job search for people removed from the labor market and / or having been judiciriarized.

    Points of service: Alma, Roberval, Dolbeau, LaBaie, Chicoutimi, Jonquière, Detention Roberval

    Supporting people, transforming lives


    • Resume writing
    • Dynamic job search methods
    • Referral to employers
    • Job follow-up
    • Preparation for job interviews
    • Request for suspension of criminal record
    • Community surveillance for clients serving a sentence in the community (probation, suspension, conditional release) - on referral


    • 18 years old and older

    Admission Conditions

    • Be 18 years of age and over and need support for a job search,
    • Have been taken to court or have been removed from the job market.
    • If under 18, be referred by a youth center

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  • Factory-Schools (Jonquière et Roberval)

    2 school-plants in Jonquière and Roberval

    2nd and 3rd wood processing sector

    6-month induction course and / or DEP in production equipment operation


    • Job search assistance
    • Referral to employers
    • Job follow-up
    • Skill developpement
    • Possibility of doing a DEP as a production equipment operator.


    18 years old and older

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  • Employabilityintervetion - Detention

    Préparer les détenus à leur sortie en leur offrant le support nécessaire afin de débuter leurs démarches d'emploi dès l'incarcération.


    • Rédaction de CV
    • Liens avec employeurs
    • Méthodes dynamiques de recherche d'emploi
    • Préparation à des entrevues d'embauche


    • 18 ans et plus
    • Détenus à la détention de Reberval

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