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Groupe Amorce

The Amorce Group offers assessment, support and therapy services to men with sexual behaviors or fantasies about children or adolescents.

Our Services

  • Groupe Amorce


    • Evaluation interviews
    • Pre-sentencing assessment (performed by: clinical sexologist)
    • Support group
    • Home group
    • One-on-one meetings at low cost
    • Drafting of protocols, assessments and progress reports
    Group therapy (4 themes)
    • Factors leading to abuse
    • Attachment and intimate relationships
    • Empathy
    • Social skills


    • Adult men aged 18 and over
    • Sexual offenders, whether or not they are prosecuted
    • Consumers of child pornography
    • Individuals with non-acting pedophilic fantasies

    Additional information

    Admission to the program is continuous.

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