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The John Howard Society of Quebec

SJH Quebec is a non-profit organization that adopts a holistic approach to respond to issues related to crime. The Society prioritizes prevention, intervention, public awareness and the promotion of rights. Members of the Society may be called upon to work with multisectoral partners.

Our Services

  • The John Howard Society of Quebec (JHSQ)

    Our Mission

    • Help not only individuals who have entered, or are at risk of entering, into conflict with the law, but also their families, loved ones, and communities.
    • Work closely with various actors in the development of services that meet common objectives related to the prevention and/or intervention of crime, poverty, mental health problems, violence, or other social concerns.
    • Develop the highest quality programs and services to meet the diverse needs of our clients, their families and the community.
    • Strongly committed to investing in capacity building, partnerships, and the sharing of resources and expertise.
    • Recommend reasonable and informed changes to the criminal justice system.

    Our overall goal is to contribute in the effort to build and support strong, healthy and safe communities.

    Our diverse clientele includes young people, adults, seniors, men, women, and LGBTQs, from diverse social, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds, including but not exclusively indigenous people, immigrants, refugees, and minorities. linguistic.

    Services & Programs

    • Community case management and control program
    • Reintegration of ex-detainees or detainees
    • Advocacy intervention
    • Public awareness of the correctional environment
    • Telephone information service
    • Community emergency accommodation service Chez nous!


    Prison population in federal penitentiaries and provincial prisons (accused and convicted)

    • Population detained at the Immigration Prevention Center
    • Judicialized persons and their family or entourage

    Contact information

    • Quebec (Head Office)

      945, rue des Soeurs de la Charité

      Québec (Québec) G1R 1H8

      Tel.: 418 692-1762 poste 248 ou 234

      Montreal (Only the Community Case Management and Control Program)

      605, rue Filiatrault bureau 7,

      Ville Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3V3

      Tel.: 438 300-5511

      Fax: 438 300-5511

    • Email:

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