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Le Répit du Passant

Le Répit du Passant is a non-profit organization providing services for struggling individuals in need and people in conflict with the law (on the federal and provincial levels).

Our services

  • Le Répit du Passant


    • Lodging (male only)
    • Meals service (soup kitchen)
    • Unconditional welcome and listening
    • Information, orientation
    • Referral
    • Guidance and follow-up
    • Evening entertainment
    • Referral service for lodging for women
    • Action plan for struggling individuals in need


    Struggling individuals in need
    • Alcoholics and drug abusers
    • Welfare recipients, annuitants, unemployed individuals, roomers
    • Individuals with mental health issues
    • Homeless individuals
    • Isolated individuals
    • Timely situations
    Individuals in conflict with the law
    • Ex-inmates
    • Probationers
    • Parolees
    • Temporary leaves
    • Other


    12 beds (triple and double rooms)

    Admission requirements

    • Males of 18 years or older
    • Underwent or currently undergoing a sentence, or any client wishing to subscribe to the action plan.
    • Show real motivation and desire to change.
    • Comply with the conditions to improve success rates.
    • Accept and comply with the house rules.
    • Participate in daily chores.
    • Define with the worker in charge your action plan and stick to it (voluntary service).
    • Actively looking for a job.
    • Wishing to go back to school or volunteer.
    • All medication must be handed over to the person in charge. They will be given according to the prescription.

    Exclusion criteria

    1. Comply with the following rules:

    1. Consuming, possessing or selling drugs in the house or the premises is strictly prohibited;
    2. Anyone entering the property under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication could be subject to sanctions;
    3. It is prohibited to carry arms;
    4. Aggressive behaviour (verbal or physical) is not tolerated;
    5. Sexual intercourse is not tolerated;
    6. Begging for cigarettes or money is not tolerated;
    7. Food cannot come in the house with the residents;
    8. Selling or solicitation is not tolerated;
    9. Radio, television or noisy objects are prohibited in the rooms;
    10. The rooms cannot be modified in any way;
    11. No exterior visitors can enter the rooms and circulating between rooms is prohibited;
    12. No cigarette or food in the rooms;
    13. Before admission, the resident must manage the storage of their luggage.

    2. Comply with the release plan, terms of release and correctional plan.

    Additional information


    Dinner: $2


    Individuals referred by the SCQ or CSC = per diem paid by the service
    Struggling individual in need: $6 a day

    Opening hours

    • 4 pm to 10 pm
    • Meals services
    • Evening entertainment
    • 24 hours a day
    • Meals services
    • Evening entertainment
    • Lodging
    • Action plan (6-month lodging opportunity)

    Contact information