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Maison d’accueil le Joins-Toi (St-Hubert et Granby)

Founded in 1974, the CRC La Maison Joins-Toi aims to promote the social reintegration and maintenance in the community of adult offenders.

Our Services

  • La Maison


    La Maison Joins-Toi aims to be a bridge between the prison institution and the community and an instrument for the prevention of recidivism favoring the cognitive behavioral approach. The objectives of the program are deinstitutionalization, taking charge of family and social responsibilities, the development of autonomy as well as the adoption of socially acceptable behaviors. Much of the program is individualized, so that everyone progresses at their own pace and according to their specific goals.


    • Accommodation (lodging and meals)
    • Individual counseling, group meetings
    • Supervision & surveillance
    • Help with training and finding a job
    • Community involvement and recreation
    • Socio-emotional support
    • Support in reorganizing life, budget, physical and mental health
    • Legal aid
    • Reference


    Adult male offenders


    Cases of profound psychopathology, acute drug addiction and alcoholism (withdrawal or intervention), mental deficiency and severe physical handicaps.


    21 places, of which 14 are reserved for inmates of federal jurisdiction, 10 of provincial jurisdiction, including probation, court, emergency cases, temporary absence or parole.

    Admission Conditions

    • Defendants or offenders referred by any judicial or correctional body may be admitted.
    • Applicants must agree to follow the program and abide by internal regulations.

    Business Hours

    24/7 for the residents


    SCC - Direction générale des services correctionnels

    Additional Information

    The CRC is part of the Haute-Yamaska community development corporation and the CDC Rive-Sud (for Longueuil). Residents with specific problems can be referred to community organizations depending on the problem (prevention of drug addiction relapse, mental health, domestic violence, employment, literacy, etc.)

    Service Contract with CSC

    The candidate reporting to the CSC is referred by a MCO following a community survey. The CSC's Granby office, at 450 372-5861, provides the link.

    Service Contract with DGSC

    The candidate reporting to the Direction générale des services correctionnels is referred by a ASC of the local establishment, a probation officer or the CQLC.

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