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Maison Jeun’Aide (CRC)

Founded in 1986, Maison Jeun’Aide helps inmates under federal jurisdiction and is dedicated to the progressive reintegration of this population emphasizing both individual and social humanitarian approach.

Our services

  • Maison Jeun’Aide

    Maison Jeun’Aide offers programs of community projects for a general period of six months for inmates granted parole by Parole Board of Canada (PBC). It also accepts Statutory Release with residency condition and Exterior Placements parolees’ status to the residence.


    • Lodging and meals
    • Personalized individual follow-up
    • Group workshops and activities


    Male inmates under jurisdiction of the CSC.

    Exclusion criteria

    Individuals suffering from severe physical or mental health issues and heavy psychiatric disorder cases.


    32 places

    Admission requirements

    Residents mus comply with the CSC’s conditions on community projects, as well as the rules of the projects’ location and the CRF’s, or they will be subjected to sanctions.

    Opening hours

    Administration, during the week, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


    CSC —Direction générale des services correctionnels du Québec

    General information

    Liaison through the Ville-Marie Parole office, phone number 514 283-1210 and fax 514 496-1752.

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