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Maison l’Intervalle

Founded in 1986, the Maison l’Intervalle is an intermediate mixed resource in legal psychiatry. It welcomes a clientele in conflict with the law under provincial jurisdiction with severe and persisting mental health issues. Moreover, in collaboration with the SCQ, the community agency l’Intervalle welcomes individuals under the following orders: probation, suspended sentence, parole, identified has dealing with mental health issues, for community monitoring.

Our services

  • Maison l’Intervalle


    Men and women mainly from the Philippe Pinel Institute, Louis-H. Lafontaine, the SCQ, or any other psychiatric service in Montreal.


    18 places

    Exclusion criteria

    Individuals with severe organic cerebral syndrome

    Contact information

    • 1495 Bennett Avenue 
      Montréal (QC) H1V 2S5

    • Tel: 514 509-3330
    • Fax: 514 509-3051
  • Lodging

    The stay aims to guide residents to the awareness of their particular issue and develop means to function better in society. An individualized program is established between the resident’s treatment team and the Maison l’Intervalle. The individualized program becomes the main tool leading the intervention in each case. The average stay ranges from one to two years.

    • An admission request must be sent to the Comité d’accès aux ressources d’hébergement en psychiatrie-justice (C.A.R.).
    • In the eventuality that an individual does not have access to the services of a treatment team, or for emergency lodging, their case can be referred to an emergency bed, by way of a worker of the psychosocial emergency service (UPS/justice) of the CLSC des Faubourgs.
    • Different neighbour community resources are available for activities, training sessions and different services.

    Contact information

    • Tel: 514 253-2758
    • Fax: 514 253-1334
  • Community monitoring

    The specialized follow-up provides to the community agency clientele a service and support suited to their particular needs. The clients for this service are exclusively referred by the SCQ. They must deal with mental health issues.

    Contact information

    • Tel: 514 509-3330
    • Fax: 514 509-3051