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Programme d’encadrement clinique et hébergement (PECH)

PECH is a community organization that works with women and men aged 18 and over who have mental health problems and who are, or have been, in conflict with the law.

Our Services

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    Our Objectives

    The general objective of our community follow-up intervention practice is to help the person so that they find a personal response to all of their needs and that they regain a power of action in all spheres of their life while respecting its learning rhythm and its process of change.

    We favor :

    • Social integration;
    • Autonomy and learning in activities of daily life;
    • Prevention of rehospitalization in psychiatry or a return to judicial or correctional networks;
    • Coordinating accessibility to health, social and community services.


    • Individual follow-up
    • Support for people in a crisis context
    • Support for the person and their natural network


    • Inmates and judicialized people
    • People on probation or parole
    • Young offenders (under 18)
    • Individuals in halfway houses

    For example, we support the person in their procedures for court, for social assistance, for finding a support group, etc. We help and support the person in their social integration: shopping for groceries, going to the bank, etc. We facilitate access to services at an accommodation resource, at the CLSC, at the hospital center, etc.

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