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Relais Famille

Relais Famille is the only community organization in Quebec dedicated exclusively to the families and relatives of people in the process of detention, detention or release following incarceration. It is a non-profit organization working in a heartwarming, judgment-free environment. Support, accompaniment, listening, exchanges and a deep desire to help loved ones explain our reason for being. All of our services are completely confidential.

Our Services

  • Relais Famille

    Relais Famille is there for :

    • Accompany, support and secure relatives before, during and / or after incarceration;
    • Break the isolation with loved ones living a shared sentence;
    • Break the silence by giving a voice to loved ones going through the stages of the legal process, incarceration as well as social reintegration;
    • Demystify the complexity of the prison and legal environment by offering timely information adapted to each need;
    • Soothe feelings of shame, rejection, fear and guilt by creating an environment of solidarity and humanity;
    • Promoting and preserving intra-family ties with incarcerated people
    • Promote social reintegration.

    Services and programs

    • Telephone and electronic listening service
    • Helping relationship - individual, group or family interventions
    • Referral services to resources appropriate to each need
    • Prison and judicial information
    • Conferences
    • Support in federal and provincial establishments
    • Numerous social and family activities tailored specifically to our clientele
    • Library for the whole family
    • Volunteer Committee


    Families with a loved one awaiting detention, detention or release following imprisonment

    Business Hours

    Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

    Note that at any time, you can leave your contact information and the reason for your call on the voice mailbox and a return call will be returned to you as soon as possible.

    Contact information