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Service action communautaire Outaouais inc. (SACO)

Founded in 1972, SACO’s mission is to promote and support the reintegration of adult offenders and their families. The objective of our actions is to promote and support the participation of offenders, victims, citizens and community organizations in the humanization of justice and crime prevention to give a human face to the justice system.

Our services

  • SACO


    • Work options program in penal justice (adult)
    • Work options program in criminal justice (adult)
    • Mediation training
    • Le Grenier du petit sportif
    • Assist its members, who are interacting daily with over 4,500 host organizations, hosting more than 12,000 clients in work options programs each year.
    • Program of alternative measures for adults
    • Community mediation service


    • Management of the work options program
    • Broadcasting our knowledge and research on alternative measures and restorative justice (symposium, workshops and conferences)
    • Coordination with our partners (the population, municipalities, ministries, organizations, etc.)
    • Promote crime prevention
    • Raise awareness in the population on the needs of offenders and victims, and promote their involvement
    • Refer the clientele towards resources fit to their needs
    • Request the participation of community organizations to the administration of justice


    SACO is an organization using its resources for the population of the Outaouais region providing assistance to four types of clientele:

    • Adult offenders and their family;
    • Low-income individuals;
    • Victims;
    • Non-profit organizations.

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