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Société Elizabeth Fry (Montreal, Quebec City, Gatineau)

The Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec (SEFQ) is a community organization founded in 1977 which mission is to support women who once were in conflict with the law and are determined to pull through. For the past 40 years, the SEFQ has developed a unique model that addresses specifically feminine issues and is continually adjusting its intervention strategies to fit the changing needs of women within Quebec’s criminal justice system. Located in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau, it provides a wide range of services within the community and in detention facilities, including community-based residential centres (Montreal and Quebec City), psychosocial programs, legal advice services and advocacy, community monitoring programs, alternatives to imprisonment programs (EVE program), community art projects, creativity workshops, etc.

Our points of service

  • Montreal

    Maison Thérèse-Casgrain

    In 1980, the Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec opened Maison Thérèse-Casgrain, the first halfway house for women in Québec. While the house is in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce neighbourhood of Montreal, it serves the entire Montreal region as well as the southwest part of the province. Approximately 100 women in the process of reintegration into society are housed in Maison Thérèse-Casgrain each year. The house is financed in large part by Correctional Service Canada as well as les Services correctionnels du Québec.

    Maison Thérèse-Casgrain can welcome up to approximately 40 women for stays that range from several weeks to several months. The residents can be referred by the Établissement Leclerc de Laval (provincial prison), Joliette federal penitentiary or community correctional workers.

    Women coming from the provincial prison can stay at the house in a context of: 

    • Temporary absence; 
    • Temporary absence in preparation for conditional release;
    • Conditional release.

    Women coming from a federal penitentiary can be accommodated at the Maison Thérèse-Casgrain if they are under one of the following statuses: 

    • Temporary absence;
    • Day parole;
    • Full parole;
    • Statutory release.

    The halfway house can exceptionally accept women with suspended sentences or on supervised probation if a correctional worker in the community referred them.


    • To promote the socio-community re (integration) of female offenders
    • To be an alternative solution to imprisonment
    • To prevent recidivism
    • To help the offender accept responsibility for her behaviour
    • To help the offender develop attitudes and skills that will assist her in developing her potential


    In addition to the Maison Thérèse-Casgrain (community-based residential centre), the Société provides different services for women.

    In the community
    • Community monitoring program: annual average of 245 cases in external follow-up per month
    • EVE program (Shoplifting support program): 686 open cases and/or cases being monitored for 2017–2018
    • Psychosocial programs (anger management, autonomous and free, etc.)
    • Creativity workshops
    • Community art projects with the Art Entr’Elles collective
    • Volunteer-based guidance service
    In detention facilities
    • Legal advice services with a lawyer at Etablissement Leclerc in Laval
    • Bible workshops made possible thanks to the contribution of the Congregation of Sisters of Sainte-Anne
    • Mommy reads to me at Etablissement Leclerc in Laval and Joliette
    • Mommy and Aboriginal stories in partnership with the Applied Social Sciences department of Concordia University
    • Psychosocial programs in the provincial prison (Release preparation, drug abuse awareness, anger management, connecting to the self and others, cooking workshops, leisure activities, vis-à-vis, face to face, break time)

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  • Quebec City

    The Elizabeth Fry Centre in Quebec

    The Elizabeth Fry Centre in Quebec opened in 2017. It is a lodging resource within the community offering its residents continuous support with its team of professional workers present 24/7. The team is composed of a clinic director, three clinical advisors and several support workers.

    The Centre provides individualized psychosocial follow-ups, along with group activities addressing each resident’s specific issues: drug abuse, conjugal or family violence, interpersonal relationships, health, etc. The team also conducts interventions with women in conflict with the law who undergo external follow-ups through the community monitoring program.

    Services and programs

    • A lodging service in the heart of Old Quebec with single rooms and shared areas
    • Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • Individualized follow-up
    • Psychosocial programs (Autonomous and free and Anger and emotions management) and group activities in the community
    • Community monitoring program
    • Programs in detention facilities (Emotions management, release preparation, drug abuse awareness)

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  • Gatineau

    Elizabeth Fry Centre in Outaouais

    The Elizabeth Fry Centre in Outaouais is a multifunctional resource working in complementarity with the existing correctional services. It is consistent with the current correctional efforts which objectives are to decrease incarceration, to focus on open setting community monitoring and the local care of the clientele in conflict with the law, or at risk to be.

    In February 2018, the Société Elizabeth Fry du Québec acquired a house located in Gatineau. The resource will include six (6) rooms and offices for external services. This project is made possible with the support of the City of Gatineau and the SHQ and its Accès-Logis program.

    Services and programs 

    • Community monitoring program
    • EVE program
    • Anger and emotions management program and Autonomous and free
    • Service of accompaniment to court
    • Services in detention facilities

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