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Transition Centre-Sud

Open since 1984, Transition Centre-Sud aims to provide its clientele with the means to prevent delinquent behaviour. Therefore, through a guided process, they must:

  • Become aware of their situation;
  • Commit to a positive personal journey linked to the issues they are facing;
  • Begin or continue an accountability process regarding their choices, commitments and actions;
  • Maintain or develop their autonomy and a support network.

Our services

  • Transition Centre-Sud


    • Lodging and meals
    • Support and helping relationship
    • Referencing
    • Assessment


    Adult males followed:


    Accused (during legal proceedings), sentenced (end of sentence or temporary absence)


    Sentenced (end of sentence or temporary absence)


    Individuals who are:

    • Non-autonomous;
    • Unweaned alcoholics or drug abusers;
    • Able to work.


    • Reference from the court or Quebec’s correctional services
    • Successful assessment
    • Compliance with the release terms and conditions

    Opening hours

    • 24 hours a day for references
    • Between 7 pm and 10 pm for visits during the week and between 7 pm and midnight during the weekend.

    Additional information

    • Communications go through the Maisonneuve Parole Office, by phone at 514 283-1424 or fax at 514 496-6798.
    • Services are provided in French and English.

    Contact information