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Via Travail inc. / Maison Essor / Centres de main d'oeuvre OPEX82 Montréal et Laval

Via Travail Inc. is a corporation formed of Maison Essor, the Manpower Centre Opex 82, the Laval Manpower Centre Opex 82 and the Corcan engineering centre and warehouse.

Our points of service

  • Maison Essor

    Founded in 1987, Maison Essor is a CRC working toward its residents’ social reintegration through the labour force, seen as a productive and social milieu. The Maison promotes an eclectic approach of individualized support and guidance based on the belief of the residents’ capacity to change.


    The residents’ reintegration is based on the establishment of a residence plan that they must comply with, which aims to develop their autonomy, sense of responsibility and self-confidence through a three-fold intervention: professional, personal and social.


    • Lodging, including meals and a laundry room
    • Clinical assistance
    • Visit from the resources
    • Structured leisure activities
    • Budgetary assistance
    • Referral
    • Direct professional guidance though OPEX 82 and the Section intégration Travail
    • Emergency assistance for ex-inmates


    Federal inmates eligible for day parole, parole or statutory release who are temporarily struggling and are interested in working and beginning a personal process of social reintegration.


    28 places (in addition to beds reserved to emergency assistance and assessment)

    Admission requirements

    Comply with the referring resource’s conditions and the specific rules of the Maison.

    Exclusion criteria

    • Individuals who committed a sexual offence (extra-familial) toward children of 0 to 10 years old
    • Individuals with unresolved drug abuse issues
    • Individuals using a wheelchair
    • Individuals with unstable mental health issues

    Additional information

    Liaison through the Ville-Marie Parole Office; by phone 514 283-1210 and fax 514-496-1752.

    Opening hours

    From 8:30 am to 11 pm

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  • Montreal Manpower Centre Opex 82

    Our individual or group interventions aim to reach the following general goals:

    • Develop the client’s employability factors by increasing their self-awareness, abilities and professional achievements and experience.
    • Provide the clients with tools for optimal job search and hiring.
    • Establish with the client their professional goal while taking in consideration their capacity to comply with the rules, standards and requirements of the labour market.


    The frequency and intensity of the interventions are determined in accordance with the client’s specific needs. Our interventions are held under four themes:

    Career counselling

    Held as individual interviews, counselling acts as a turning point in the client’s journey. We address the client’s challenges, their journey and develop an individual integration plan.

    Training workshops

    Held individually or in small groups, these workshops are an opportunity for the client to identify their strengths and weaknesses as an individual, a worker and a job seeker. These workshops also aim to provide the necessary skills to find, get and maintain a job.


    They serve to check on the client’s situation in order to provide the necessary interventions, if needed. The employment clients enjoy a follow-up/support over a six-month period.

    Contact with companies

    Our constant focus on promoting our clientele to specific employers are portrayed through:

    • Solicitation and meetings with companies;
    • Job offers management;
    • Participation in the selection/referral process of our clients;
    • Development of training plans for certain subsidized programs;
    • Assessment of the labour market.


    Offenders under federal or provincial jurisdiction wishing to reintegrate the workforce, but whose criminal record constitutes an obstacle.

    Exclusion criteria

    Individuals unable to work

    Opening hours

    During the week or upon request, from 8 am to 4 pm

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  • Laval Manpower Centre Opex 82

    Operating since the Fall of 2000, the Manpower Centre Opex 82—Laval is complimentary to the services of Centre Opex 82.


    Men and women of 18 years or older with a criminal record.

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  • Corcan Engineering Centre and Warehouse

    Founded in 1984, the Corcan Engineering Centre aims to reintegrate offenders to the labour market. In a regular work context, the Engineering Centre provides internships that can lead to the reintegration to the labour market.


    Complimentary to the Manpower Cente Opex 82, the Corcan Engineering Centre offers paid internships for a maximum of 51 weeks. These internships are designed to allow participants to acquire knowledge and develop their skills to meet today’s labour market requirements. The available positions are mainly related to the field of computer-assisted technical drawing.


    Priority to ex-inmates under federal jurisdiction.

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