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The YMCAs of Québec

We build stronger communities by providing opportunities for fulfilment and an active, healthy and committed lifestyle.

Our services

  • Social Reintegration Service – Espadrille

    The Social Reintegration Service Espadrille facilitates social reintegration by helping its clientele developing new social skills, greater autonomy and, consequently, a more appropriate life stability.

    The services provided at the Downtown YMCA and in correctional facilities in Montreal and Rivière-des-Prairies are offered in French and English.

    Admission requirements

    • Being a man.
    • Being 18 years or older.
    • Having a civic address in Montreal.
    • Having a provincial criminal record.

    Exclusion criteria

    Individuals with prior infractions committed on a minor (i.e.: pedophilia)


    Our services aim to provide assistance to individuals taking the necessary steps to reintegrate the community. Community service officers are available to cater to the different needs, including:

    • Lodging search;
    • Food aid;
    • Budget and schedule planning;
    • ID cards;
    • Active listening, support and referrals.

    Main training sessions offered

    Living without violence

    Themes: Frustration management, grieving and addiction, efficient communication

    Society and interpersonal relationships

    Themes: My relationship and I, My parental skills and I, Myself and I

    Action-prevention group

    Themes: Managing downs, stress management, cycles of addiction, problem solving, communication, optimal euphoria


    Program for individuals with issues of anger management and conflict resolution.


    • Ministère de la Sécurité publique
    • Directorate of professional correctional services
    • Detention centre of Montreal
    • Detention centre of Rivière-des-Prairies
    • Halfway houses
    • Employment services

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  • YMCA Employment Services— La Boussole

    La Boussole is an employment service providing personalized assistance to adult offenders to facilitate their socio-professional development, fulfilment and stability.

    We aim to develop alternatives and skills for the successful journey and progress of the participant.

    La Boussole provides free services in French and English since 1985.


    • Job search preparation (writing a CV and cover letters, interview techniques, etc.)
    • Information about careers and schools
    • Mandatory one-on-one and group meetings
    • Assistance in reaching socio-professional goals
    • Access to professional clothing for free


    Continuous admission service, minimal waiting time

    Admission requirements

    • Being 18 years or older
    • Having a Canadian criminal record
    • Having a civic address in Montreal
    • Being a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or refugee

    Exclusion criteria

    • Individuals with prior infractions committed on a minor. This exclusion is due to the proximity to the organization’s other services (daycare centre, kids zone, etc.)
    • Individuals with severe physical or mental health issues, or suffering from drug or alcohol addiction that represents a more important challenge to employment than the criminal record

    Additional information

    Information sessions take place every Tuesday at 1:30 pm, Wednesday at 1:30 pm and Thursday at 10 am. It is strongly recommended to call to book an appointment.

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  • Compensatory Work

    The Compensatory Work program gives citizens who are unable to pay their fines the opportunity to get involved in the community while working off their debt.

    Participants perform different kinds of tasks for free for one of the program’s partners.

    Additional information

    General manual labour
    • Help with caretaking
    • Sorting clothes and food
    • Indoor and outdoor maintenance
    • Kitchen help or dishwashing
    • Carrying boxes
    • General help with renovations, etc.
    Office work
    • Data entry
    • Answering the phone
    • Making phone calls
    • Reception and filing documents, etc.
    Working with different kinds of clients
    • Facilitating activities
    • Accompanying clients
    • Helping with homework
    • Serving meals, etc.

    What organization can become a partner?

    Non-profit, para-municipal and para-governmental organizations that can welcome and assist participants referred by the YMCA, and offer them work hours suited to their capacity.

    Our main partners

    • Festival Nuits d’Afrique
    • Héma-Québec
    • Moisson Montréal
    • Institut de gériatrie de Montréal
    • Centre des arts contemporains du Québec à Montréal
    • Armée du Salut
    • Fondation d’Aide Directe — SIDA Montréal
    • Maison de quartier Villeray
    • Comité social Centre-Sud
    • Service de nutrition et d’action communautaire (SNAC)
    • Société d’habitation populaire de l’est de Montréal (SHAPEM)
    • Multicaf
    • Projet Pride — Chabad Lifeline
    • And much more!

    Opening hours

    From Monday to Friday, 9 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm

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  • Resources Café

    The Resources Café is a room reserved for participants of the different reintegration services of Downtown YMCA. It is a location where participants can undertake their journey of social and community (re) integration. The Resources Café can be used to search for housing, lodging, a job, food aid, detoxication, etc.

    It is equipped with computers, fax machines, phones, printers, job search postings and a resource directory.

    Servicing hours

    Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to noon and 1 pm to 4:30 pm

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