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Conferences on the impact of the criminal record


According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, more than 4,000,000 people have a criminal record, which represents 14% of the country's active population - or one man in five. Its repercussions hinder social rehabilitation: in the community, people with a criminal record are confronted with a series of restrictive elements. For example, many individuals with a criminal record have difficulty finding employment and housing, have difficulty obtaining an insurance policy and have difficulty crossing Canadian borders. In addition, the impacts have unsuspected repercussions on the relatives of people with a criminal record, particularly in terms of insurance.

With such substantial rates, it becomes necessary to consider the criminal record and its consequences as an issue that engages the whole community.

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Conferences and workshops are offered at a cost of $300 in Montreal. In the regions, additional travel expenses may apply. A preferential rate is also available for ASRSQ members.

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