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Auberge Sous Mon Toit (ASMT)

The ASMT’s mission is to provide services of lodging, assistance and social reintegration to men in situational difficulty, who are homeless, or offenders and actively support them on their journey to autonomy.

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  • Auberge Sous Mon Toit


    • Lodging and meals
    • 24/7 assistance
    • Helping relationship (referrals, support, assistance, reinforcement of skills and development of new ones)
    • Employment
    • Budgetary support
    • Affiliation and/or social reintegration
    • Assistance through community work and work options
    • Post-lodging follow-up


    • Men only
    • Being involved in community tasks
    • Participating in personal growth workshops
    • Looking for work
    • Going back to school
    • Undergoing training
    • Or participating in employment workshops


    • 20 places
    • 5 reserved for individuals referred by the CSC
    • 3 reserved for individuals referred by the SCQ

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