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Colloque de la réhabilitation sociale

For some twenty years, Colloque 2000 has been an unmissable annual event for those involved in crime prevention in the community. A number of themes have been addressed through numerous workshops and training sessions.

This year, the ASRSQ has chosen to rename this emblematic symposium, taking full ownership of its organization after a 2022 edition that marked the renewal of this major event in the community corrections field.

This new edition is intended to be both a continuation of previous events and a new beginning. The proposed theme "Drawing inspiration from community roots to adapt our practices to new challenges" invites us to work together to prevent crime. By community roots, we mean social commitment, humanist values that believe in change and human betterment, and the reactive and creative spirit that has always characterized this environment.

The changes and new challenges can be of various kinds: shortage of manpower, staff retention, fragile community commitment, lack of funding, increasing complexity of customer needs, new forms of crime, etc. The aim of this edition is to highlight initiatives or practices that are responding to these emerging challenges. The aim of this edition is to highlight initiatives and practices that respond to these emerging challenges.

This edition offers three days of workshops, training, conferences, debates and networking at the Delta Hotel in Mont Sainte-Anne (Beaupré) from May 13 to 15, 2024.

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The ASRSQ offers a training program for interveners, managers and volunteers who work in the community network. Theses trainings aim to ensure better interventions with clients, particularly offenders, to offer tools, that meet the requirements of their practice, and to contribute to the improvement of knowledge, skills and know-how. You can now consult the 2023-2024 training program.

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Dedicated to the social and community reintegration of offenders for over 60 years

The Association of Social Rehabilitation Services of Quebec (ASRSQ) is a community action organization working in the field of criminal justice and dedicated to the social and community reintegration of offenders.

It brings together 68 non-profit community organizations, including 2 groups of community organizations, all working with people in conflict with the legal system. The ASRSQ works to promote crime prevention through community action (release on parole, compensatory work, halfway houses, restorative justice, employability, follow-up in the community, etc.). The association also supports and encourages the participation of citizens in dealing with justice-related problems.

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Podcast - Les voix de la réhabilitation

"Les voix de la réhabilitation" is a podcast produced by the ASRSQ.

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