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Centre de thérapie Point de Rencontre

Point de Rencontre's mission is to welcome and accommodate people in psychological or social distress (men or women), to provide internal therapy services and external follow-up to men with a dependency problem and to offer social reintegration services.

Our Services

  • Point de Rencontre

    Services, clientele et capacity

    • Internal therapy (2 months maximum): nine (9) places for men
      • Individual meetings
      • Group therapy
    • External monitoring
    • Crisis accommodation: three (3) places for men and women
    • Social reintegration: four (4) places for men

    Admission conditions

    • Male 18 and over
    • Addiction problem (alcohol, drugs)
    • Motivated to invest time and effort in making changes towards sobriety and recovery
    • Commit to respecting all the rules of life and actively participating in therapy

    Exclusion criteria

    • Severe mental health problem (not stabilized)
    • Sexual delinquency
    • Reduced mobility

    Business Hours

    24h/day, 365 days/year

    Contact information