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Kapatakan Gilles Jourdain Inc.

Kapatakan Gilles Jourdain is a community residential center whose mission is to offer Innu adults and other First Nations members who have or have had trouble with the law a variety of services adapted to the values and traditions of Aboriginal peoples. While offering an accommodation service, these services aim more particularly at the rehabilitation, healing, empowerment and autonomy of the offender with a process that promotes reconciliation with his family and his community.

Our Services

  • CRC Kapatakan Gilles Jourdain

    To prevent criminal recidivism, to reduce human distress and allow indigenous inmates to regain their dignity, Kapatakan Gilles Jourdain is setting up a community residential center with diversified rehabilitation services for inmates and their families to some activities with:

    • An accommodation service to create an environment conducive to recovery;
    • A program of recovery with Indigenous healing to inspire a new way of life and for the consolidation of Indigenous identity and values;
    • A main program and its 13 psycho-educational modules whose goal is the development of cognitive, affective and behavioral skills that will facilitate the participant's autonomy in the face of problems associated with crime and the consumption of psychotropic drugs and other addictions by the integration of a lifestyle promoting attitudes consistent with the values of society and more particularly with Innu values (ishpitenimun);
    • Adapted programs responding to specific needs such as access to employment, awareness and prevention of violent behavior and finally a father / child program to recreate or consolidate links and increase parenting skills. These services can be provided internally by the centre's resources or externally by partner resources.


    Adult Innu men and other members of the First Nations who have received a correctional measure allowing them to evolve in an open environment or who find themselves or serving a sentence in a provincial institution but having the desire and the will to complete the rehabilitation program offered by the center.


    The center can accommodate 18 residents.

    Admission Conditions

    Any adult man, aged 18 and over of Aboriginal origin incarcerated or having been incarcerated under the Correctional Service of Quebec, provincial detention centers and the Direction des services professionnelle correctionnels (DSPC), is eligible for an internship at Kapatakan. Gilles Jourdain. In addition, each request is made on a voluntary basis on the part of the detainee.

    Exclusion Criteria

    • Person struggling with psychiatric problems causing a lack of contact with reality.
    • A person who is at high risk for a resurgence of recently experienced psychiatric disorders in the absence of medication.
    • Person with moderate or severe intellectual disability making them ill-suited to meet the requirements of this type of program.
    • Person requiring particular health care for which the interveners are not authorized.
    • Person demonstrating uncontrolled impulsivity and aggression disorders.
    • Person with untreated sexual deviance disorder.

    Additional Informations

    The topics covered during the internship are:

    • Know yourself as a member of the First Nations;
    • Confidence, self-disclosure, previous wounds;
    • Dependencies;
    • Losses and mourning;
    • Sexuality;
    • Violence;
    • Empathy;
    • Communication and Social Habilities;
    • Self-knowledge and self-esteem;
    • Parenting skills;
    • Socio-professional integration;
    • Individual's physical sphere and formatting;
    • Prevention of relapse and recidivism.

    Business Hours

    The residential sector is a 24 hour service. And the schedule for the administrative sector is Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

    Contact information

    • 60, rue Innut
      Mani-Utenam (Québec)
      G4R 4K2

    • Tel: 418 927-2984
    • Fax: 418 927-3523