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Le Séjour Shelter

An open house for individuals with alcohol or drug addiction issues, pathological gambling problems, or who are experiencing situational homelessness.

Our services

  • Le Séjour Shelter


    • Assess individuals and guide them towards a therapeutic process suited to their needs.
    • Support individuals suffering from dependence (alcohol, drugs, gambling).
    • Provide assistance to individuals in crisis situations.
    • Provide lodging to situational homeless individuals.

    Target clientele

    Men and women of 18 years or older, mostly underprivileged.

    Opening hours


    Accessibility: 24/7

    External centre

    Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 4:30 pm

    In-house services

    • Telephone support line 24/7
    • Emergency lodging (homelessness)
    • Precure (preparation to therapeutic treatment for any dependence)
    • Relapse support (to prevent relapse, or after it)

    Contact information