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L’Entre-Toit home-care centre

The L’Entre-Toit home-care centre is a non-profit organization open 24-7. We serve the Greater Montreal area and the requested fees are fixed by the Régie Régionale. Our financing comes from donations, the Louis-H. Lafontaine Hospital, the Ministry of Public Security and the Health and Social Services network.

Services provided

  • L’Entre-Toit

    • Establish and provide one or many halfway housing locations to promote social stability for adults struggling with both mental health and legal issues and facilitate the social reintegration of offenders with mental health issues put under its care.
    • Provide rehabilitation services to facilitate the social reintegration of the residents. 
      Provide guidance and support through the residents’ Court procedures and with the available services.
    • Help these people to gain a level of autonomy that could allow them to access the usual housing and lodging resources within the community.
    • Make sure that the offenders comply with the legal measures imposed to them.


    Through our structured interventions, we help the person in their social reintegration efforts, regardless of the nature of that person’s project, whether they are looking into a preparatory internship, going back to school, or attending social, cultural or athletic activities.


    Our clientele is composed of only males, of 18 years or older, with mental and legal issues. The psychiatric and psychosocial aspect is handled by the client’s sector or the Montreal legal psychiatry centre. Our clientele also exhibit other associated issues, the most common one being drug abuse. Their judicial status is varied: accused, probation, suspended or deferred sentence, order from the Review Board for mental disorder.

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  • Home-care dimension

    Type of lodging

    • Group home type of lodging
    • Regular admissions: 9 beds
    • Voluntary admissions: 3 beds
    • Rooms and boarding type of lodging: 8 beds

    Admission process

    Regular admission

    Through the Comité d’accès aux ressources (CAR) for legal psychiatry.

    Voluntary admission

    Upon request of the department of Justice or Public Security, through the client’s lawyer or probation agent.

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  • Follow-up in the community division

    The Follow-up in the community division promote social reintegration of offenders with both mental health and legal issues, through clinical follow-ups, referencing, timely monitoring and in collaboration with health care and social services professionals from the criminal justice and community sectors.

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  • SAFAP program

    • The mission of the SAFAP program is mainly to support, inform and provide tools to relatives and friends of a clientele with both legal and mental health issues.
    • The main goal is the provide a support network where relatives and friends can get information on the psychiatric justice sector and share a common space to share their experience.
    • This program also provides them with a space to ask specific questions, in complete anonymity, to professionals usually dealing with patients with mental health and legal issues.
    • The SAFAP program is an ongoing service, now taking place on Tuesday nights, at the downtown Montreal YMCA.

    You must call the L’Entre-Toit home-care centre to reserve a place.

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